MD Cigars Premium Cigar Club

As a club member, You get 5 or more Premium Cigars a month for only $29.95 per month plus shipping  Plus All MD Cigars Club members get 15% off all other purchases  from MD Cigars while you are a club member!

Each month, we will hand select 5 or more hand made, long fill cigars from our humidors, which are filled with some of the finest cigars made from all over the world. 

MD Cigars Club Members will be smoking only the finest cigars available at a substantially discounted rate from our normal prices.

Your monthly Club Member Shipment will include a variety of lengths, gauges, wrapper types and brands and will be hand selected and carefully hand packaged and delivered to your door.

Being an MD Cigars Club member also gives you an automatic 15% discount on all future purchases at MD Cigars as long as you remain an MD Cigars Club member!

Ready to become an MD Cigars Club Member? 

Simply click on the link below and we will take care of the rest.