Cigar Cutters and Punches

                           Xikar Spectra

The Xikar ® cutter gives cigar enthusiasts the finest cigar cut with power, efficiency and ease of use. An aluminum body encases HRC50 stainless steel blades in a spring-loaded, ergonomic shape. This is the finest cutter you can buy and they are guaranteed for life!


Xikar Cutters have blades hardened to a Rockwell C rating of 56, the result is the hardest, sharpest blade you can buy. The body retains the classic Xikar shape and features a lightweight nylon fiberglass composite in metallic colors including blue, green, gray, burgundy (flat) and now, black.

Xi3 Cutters                        Click on images to enlarge pictures

Xikar Xi3 SpectraXikar Xi3 TechXikar Xi3 Rosewood Xikar Xi3 ZebrawoodXikar Xi3 Beachwood


Xikar Xi1 Gold

Xikar Xi1 Red

Xikar Xi1 Titanium

Xikar Xi1 Silver

Xikar Xi1 Black

Xikar Xi1 Blue

Xikar Xi1 Bronze

 $54 $54 $54 $54 $54 $54 $54


Xikar Xi2 Cutters


Xikar Xi2 Blue

Xikar Xi2 Grey

Xikar Xi2 Red

Xikar Xi2 Green

Xikar Xi2 Black



Xikar Punch Cutters

                                                                               Xikar Xi007

This hand-turned bullet punch features a unique large bore screw which literally allows you to spin the punch blade piece off and on. The center spike clears tobacco from the punch blade after use. Made in Germany.   The Xi 007 is a twist punch.  twist to expose the cutter and simply twist to put away.

Xikar Xi 007 Silver Twist Punch Cutter Xikar Xi 007 Gold Twist Punch Cutter