Hygrometers and Humidifiers and Humidor Solution





Hygrometer 3 inch Hygrometer  2 1/4  Brass Hygrometer 1 1/4 Digital Slim Hygrometer Xikar Small Round  Hygrometer











Our humidifiers are the best quality around.    Plus they come Pre-charged!  so you only need to put them in your humidor!  No initial charging needed.

Our Hygrometer has a large easy to read dial.

Humidifier and Hygrometers


Large Madelaine Humidifier


Small  Abby Humidifier


Xikar Crystal Humidifier Jar


Xikar Crystal 50 Humidifier


Xikar Crystal 100 Humidifier


Xikar Crystal 250 Humidifier



                     Humidor Solution

Humidi-tube and Kits


 Xikar Humidifier Solution Large