Lighters and Butane at MD Cigars

 Vector Quintuplus Refined Butane Gas for your lighter!  320 ml can


Quintuplus filtered premium Vector butane gas refills are highly recommended for all hi-tech Vector and other gas lighters. Jet torch and turbo lighters require ultra pureVector gas to produce highly efficient jet flames. Do not use RONSON, CLIPPER, or SUN, as they will clog the internal burner cylinder and affect the performance of the lighter.



All Xikar Lighters are guaranteed for life!

XIKAR ® proudly presents the next step in a renowned line of innovative cigar accessories. The Executive lighter was developed for our customers seeking high quality, functionality and sophistication in every facet of their smoking. By targeting and solving problems of other lighters, XIKAR has truly broken the mold with affordability in mind by introducing the Executive.

This design places the trigger along the body of the lighter so one’s finger no longer needs to be perilously close to the flame (goodbye burned fingertips!) The oversized adjustment wheel ensures a quick flame adjustment for any occasion. A simple push on the side of the lighter simultaneously opens the lid and ignites a powerful windproof flame perfect for cigars, cigarettes or that campfire that needs a little encouragement.

For your convenience, all Executive lighters come with a protective sheath, shown below on the left hand side.

Available in five colors!

Xikar Executive Lighter BlackXikar Executive Lighter SilverXikar Executive Lighter GunmetalXikar Executive Lighter RedXikar Executive Lighter Blue


XIKAR Pipeline Lighters

Combining luxurious styling with dependable function and XIKAR’s lifetime warranty, the Pipeline lighter is now THE essential lighter for all pipe enthusiasts. The stainless body encases a simple, replaceable flint ignition system, protected by a hinged ignition cover. The lighter can be refilled with XIKAR butane and contains a stainless steel tamper hidden in the bottom body. Available in 3 finishes: Black lacquer, Blue lacquer & Textured Silver.


Pipeline LighterPipeline LighterPipeline Lighter
Xikar Pipeline Lighter BlackXikar Pipeline Lighter SilverXikar Pipeline  Lighter Blue

XIKAR  Enigma Lighter

True to its name, the Enigma lighter boasts eye catching design and function for the most discerning consumer. An automatic flip top cap protects powerful double jet flames for those Churchills, while a center trigger leaves one’s thumb away from the heat.

Xikar Enigma Lighter BlackXikar Enigma Lighter RedXikar Enigma Lighter GunmetalXikar Enigma Lighter Silver
Xikar Enigma Lighter BlackXikar Enigma Lighter RedXikar Enigma Lighter GunmetalXikar Enigma Lighter Silver



XIKAR Trezo Lighters

XIKAR is proud to introduce a revolutionary new design in jet flame lighters. The Trezo lighter is the first and only in-line triple jet flame lighter available today. Its unique design places two outer jet flames at an 8 degree angle inwards, concentrating the heat source at the perfect point above the flames. This means that no matter the size of your cigar or lighting condition, you will have a good clean light. First, flip up the top cap and expose the three protected ignition jets. With your thumb, pull down the center trigger to fire up this new lighting system and then enjoy your puros! A large fuel window reminds you to refill the oversize tank and a large fuel adjustment wheel ensures you always have the exact flame size desired. Available in gold, black, chrome and gunmetal accents.

Xikar Trezo Lighter BlackXikar Trezo Lighter GoldXikar Trezo Lighter GunmetalXikar Trezo Lighter Chrome

XIKAR Element Lighters

The XIKAR Element Lighters bold technical style will catch everyone’s eye while it’s powerful double jet flame fires up a Churchill in seconds flat! It boasts a simple thumb action that opens a protective cap to expose a Piezo ignition. A fuel gauge and oversize adjustment wheel ensure the right amount of flame anytime. The body is a metal casing with durable polished finishes of black, silver, gunmetal, red and blue.



Xikar Element Lighter BlackXikar Element Lighter GunmetalXikar Element Lighter ChromeXikar Element Lighter RedXikar Element Lighter Blue


XIKAR Exodus Lighters

Xikar Exodus lighters have a unique windproof torch flame.  Exodus lighters feature a flip top lid and the ignition system is built into a durable metal casing.  Fuel gauge and oversize adjustment wheel make these one of the best Xikar Lighters made.

Xikar Exodus Lighter BlackXikar Exodus Lighter Brushed SilverXikar Exodus  Lighter ChromeXikar Exodus  Lighter Gunmetal

All Xikar Lighters are guaranteed for life!