Tobacco Pipes

Since pipes often vary from pipe to pipe.. the pictures represent the various styles within that model

Model 10s


Model 10b


Model 2b


Model 2s

$28.95 $28.95 $32.95 $28.95


Model 3b


Model 3s


Model 4b


Model 4s

$28.95 $28.95 $28.95 $28.95


Model 5b


Model 6b


Model 6s


Model 7b



Model 7s


Model 8b


Model 9s



Tobacco Testers!
Tobacco Tester Tobacco Tester Dug Out cig pipe Tobacco Tester cig pipe Dugout cig pipe cig pipe
Tobacco Taster Multi-Colored  $24.95
Tobacco Taster Green Color 


Natural Wood

Tobacco Natural Wood Color with Scallop Carving  $24.95

Natural Wood Color with Stripe
Cigarette Pipe only $4.50
Ceramic Quartz Cigarette Pipe only $9.95